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J.L. Novinsky

Heart of the Oak

Christian Faith Publishing

Paperback, 978-1635758177, 36 pages, $12.95


He's old and weathered, his skin is rough and knotty. But, oh, he has memories. Of joy. Of love. Of tragedy. He has endured many years and felt the sorrow of so much loss. But his greatest joy is just ahead! Children and adults will love Heart of the Oak, for generations to come.

“A wonderful lesson for both children and adults that God is in control and His mercies, grace and renewal are better than anything that we could ever imagine. My children and I LOVE this book. We had a wonderful and insightful conversation after we read it. God is at work ALL of the time. Joy can be found even during and after what can be seen as "crisis". I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone that has a child in their life." — reader







Vickie Phelps

Gratitude: The Art of Being Thankful


Paperback, 978-1722290184, 92 pages, $5.99



The difference between having what you want and having what you need is a principle some people never grasp. In this compilation of devotions, poems, prayers, and lists of things to be grateful for, you will realize just how large your debt of gratitude has become.


Vickie Phelps writes to encourage, inspire, and influence. She has published 200 articles, devotionals and essays in more than fifty magazines and contributed to several anthologies.


She is the author of the novels Postmark From the Past; Wheels of Justice; Moved, Left No Address, and Waiting for Joy, and a devotional book, Psalms for the Common Man.





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