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FOR PUBLISHERS & PROMOTERS  If your title or product has a special appeal to Texas markets—individual or business—we deliver. Our outlets include your trading partners as well as dedicated readers. And you can reach them at a fraction of the cost of national ads. We can supplement your marketing plan—or be your marketing plan.


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DESIGN AN EYE-CATCHING DISPLAY AD ON OUR LONE STAR LITERARY LIFE SITE to promote your new title, book event, service, or other product. Sizes and positions are designed to connect most effectively to the market segment you want to reach. We'll also build your ad from your supp[lied graphics and links for a nominal fee.


IS YOUR COMMUNITY A TOP STOP FOR TEXAS BOOK LOVERS?  During spring break each March, we'll reveal  LSLL's top picks across the state with tantalizing descriptions, delectable photos, scrumptious slide shows, and inviting hotlinks. Visitor bureaus, chambers of commerce, bookstores, events, publishers: advertise alongside affordably!



OUR LONE STAR LITERARY LIFE NEWSLETTER goes out twice weekly to Texas readers, writers, and followers as well as to industry professionals. Combine newsletter advertising with ads on our site for maximum impact.


Promote your new title, book event, service, or other product. Sizes and positions are designed to connect most effectively to the market segment you want to reach. We'll also build your ad from your supp[lied graphics and links for a nominal fee.



Texas Book Email Deals   Lone Star Literary Life has a database of more than 10,000 readers. Soon we’ll be launching a weekly Texas book deal reader-requested email alert. If you’d like to get in on the ground floor of great deals on Texas books contact us at


You'll want to make sure that your company or organization is included in our comprehensive industry directory. Listings are arranged by category and appear on our site with name and hotlink alone; you may include full contact details in our downloadable directory, which is available to subscribers only. And event listings are always free, by submitting your details two weeks in advance.




Yes, our editors and contributors review the top Texas titles and authors—but with so much great activity in a big state, we'll reach only a fraction of them. If you need a professionally written review to reach Texas readers and booksellers—timed with your launch—consider our publisher-supported review service.


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Advertise today in the only statewide publication that carries news, reviews, interviews, and events every week throughout one of the largest media markets in the nation.


Lone Star Literary Life’s website,, reaches a statewide monthly cumulative audience of 25,000 authors, writers, poets, playwrights, readers, librarians, booksellers, publishers, and the entire Texas literary community. We reach another 25,000 monthly in our audience footprint with social media and email blasts, for a combined monthly impact of 50,000 Texans.


For $25 a month (50 words, 25 cents per additional word), you can advertise:

  • Services, such as editing and proofreading
  • Contests
  • Calls for entries
  • Publishers seeking manuscripts
  • Residencies
  • Retreats
  • Rentals
  • Webinars


Email us here with your ad copy, and upon approval we’ll invoice you via PayPal. All classified ads are prepaid. We accept PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards. Upon receipt of payment, your ad will begin the following Sunday and run for one month.


Include your 100x100-pixel logo for an additional $50 per ad.


Employment ads

We will run industry-related listings for Texas jobs FREE, including positions with Texas publishers, Texas booksellers, and Texas libraries.


Out-of-state positions: $25 for 50 words; 25 cents per each additional word.




Virtual visits connecting audiences with the Texas authors and books they love


Readers are passionate about their books, and nowhere are they more passionate than in the blogosphere. Thousands of readers write, report, and promote as book bloggers, helping build buzz for the books they love in various genres and geographies.


But not all book bloggers — or blog tours — are created equal.


Random bloggers without specific interests in your market can't always deliver the targeted audience you’re looking for in a carefully timed campaign. And approaching individual bloggers can be time-consuming for a publicist, without any guarantee of success.


Lone Star Literary Life has combed the state to build a team of the best Texas-based book bloggers, representing a vetted cross-section of interests. Lone Star Book Blog Tours offer publicists and authors a one-call, one-buy approach to marketing Texas books to Texas readers and industry influencers.


Advantages of making a Lone Star Book Blog Tour part of your marketing mix:

We’re Texas-centric, Texas- curated. We promote Texas-related and Texas-authored titles in identified genres: fiction, nonfiction, memoir, young readers; sub-genres can also be identified.

We’re agile in scheduling, enabling swift deployment when you need it. Every level of blog tour includes a dedicated author page, with downloadable promotional resources and links accessible to bloggers and buyers alike. This page persists beyond the end of the tour as a valuable asset to author and publicist. Our pricing structure is attractive to a wide range of budgets.



LONE STAR LITERARY recognizes that advertising is valuable information to our readers. If you’d like to promote your book, imprint, bookstore, event, book-related service, or literary destination, contact us. (Note that, as a part of our Texcentric mission, we accept only advertising with a Texas connection—ensuring that we reach the right audience for the lowest cost.)

You’ll be amazed at how affordable our statewide website can be. For our rate sheet/media kit, contact us at


Make sure your Texas book gets reviewed and noticed by our growing audience of dedicated followers!







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